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IK Reference Array behaviour

I’m adding an independent root control to the rig but the IK reference array behaviour is confusing me a bit. Attached image of relevant (I think) IK Ref Array settings, and guide hierarchy

arms appear to behave as expected: when IK ref is set to character, IK control moves with character control; when IK ref is set to root, IK control moves with root control

Legs behave is different: when IK ref is set to root or character, IK control does not move with either. when IK ref is set to ik_foot_R0_root, IK control moves with root control

Looking for info on how to make the legs behave in same manner as the arms if possible

Might be this old bug where the leg had an index offset. I’m not aware if it was ever fixed or not. I have a hack script fix to fix it. Leg Pole vector Ikspace issue - #6 by chrislesage

Thanks! Dug in a bit after looking at those related posts and appears this may be related.

The parent constraint for space switch looks to be correct and functioning correctly but the IK Ref Enum in the UI Host object includes ik_foot_R0_foot and it bumps the index down by 1. I’m not sure where it comes from. both arms and legs has that entry in the IK Reference list but Arms don’t include it in the IK Ref attribute.

Maybe it’s remenant of earlier version of the UE mannequine guide template?

It’s an easy fix on my end just to edit the leg IK ref enum so the list matches the constraint weight targets.


No it has nothing to do with the template or the guide. It’s in the leg components. It’s a bug since version 2.6. :sweat_smile:

I found the bug here, but it sounds like it was fixed. https://github.com/mgear-dev/mgear4/issues/198

What version of mGear are you using? Maybe it was missed in some places.


I thought it might have to do with the template since UE mannequin skeletons usually have ik_hand_root and ik_foot_root joints.

Everything works as expected if I just remove ik_foot_root from IK ref list before rig build.