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Improvments to anim picker convert to nurbs curves

as the title says i have done a bunch of clean up to these functions things seem to work better now, I was having some issues with certain cases, but i think i have fixed all the bugs I found.
now rotations are not baked into verts when you bring the curves back.

I was getting a error when creating 2 point curves after doing some digging I see that this is supposed to create a circle but there was a bug preventing it from working, so i fixed that and implemented support for these circles in maya curves
added some attrs from adjusting background image size on tab group, this group can be move and scaled for convince how ever when you bring the data back this is ignored.
curves are no longer closed as this was causing issues, now if the first and last cv are the same the last is ignored

I have put in a pull request for these changes, let me know if i messed that up as i avery unfamilar with github.

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