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Installing 3.6.0 in Maya 2016 issue

Hi all

So i’ve been using mgear 2.6.1 to all our production rigging for a long time. We use Maya 2016 in production. But i’d like to update to the latest version (mainly because I found that the AnimBits SoftTweak editor does not work as expected in 2.6.1, but does work in the latest Mgear version)

But after installing the latest mgear 3.6.0 to Maya 2016, I get an error message when trying to open up the guide manager.

Error: AttributeError: file C:\Users\graigp\Documents\mgear_3.6.0\release\scripts\mgear\core\ line 158: ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘workspaceControl’

I’m also finding that i’m missing a lot of options in the mgear menu, like all the AnimBits and RigBits tools.

Any help would be appreciated.

In the release notes of 3.0.3, (January 15, 2019) Miquel said:

mGear 3.0.3 only supports Maya 2016.5, 2017, 2018 and 2019

No problem, I thought that might be the case.
Maybe then I can find a solution to the issues i’m having with softtweaks in 2.6.1
This is whats happening.

I tested 2.6.1 in Maya 2018, and it seems to just work. So maybe it is a Maya 2016 issue? It definitely looks like your falloff center has some kind of a problem.

Are you a TD/scripter? Maybe you can upgrade just mgear_3.6.0/release/scripts/mgear/animbits/ and bring it backwards into 2.6? It relies on too. But only to show the floating window. It doesn’t have to dock, so it might just work. You might have to change some of the module paths back to their old values.

2.6 mgear.maya.animbits.softTweakWindowUI
is now
3.0+ mgear.animbits.softTweakWindowUI

2.6 mgear.maya
is now
3.0+ mgear.core

Debug questions:

  • Can you explain the steps you take to make the softTweak?
  • In the test gif you showed, what is the .falloffCenter values of the softMod node? At neutral pose, the values should match the position of the baseSoftTweak_ctl. I’m guessing they are incorrectly at 0,0,0?
  • What scene units are you using? (Although I tested in cm and meters, and it works. Just with very different values.)
  • Did this ever work for you in the past? Or is this the first time you are ever using the tool?

How I make a softTweak:
(You said it works in the latest version, so I assume you know how to do it, and that this is actually a bug. But just to double-check!)

  1. I put a locator or empty group at the position I want the soft tweak to be.
  2. I select the sphere, and then the locator.
  3. Run the tool.


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Well this solves it.
I wasn’t using the “Create auto tweak”, I was doing it manually like how it’s done on the old mgear YouTube tutorial.
Using the new tweak button.

But doing it the way you have done in that gif works perfectly in Maya 2016, 2.6.1

Thanks man!