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Is it possible to export RBF solver to Unity engine?

I set up a character in Maya. I’m going to move this to Unity. But there are many Correct Blendshapes made of RBF solver. It is too hard to make an Corrective Blendshapes(RBF solver) script in Unity engine one by one. Is there any way to move the entire RBF Solver in Maya to Unity?

Not sure what your workflow is, but usually mGear animations are baked to curves on the joints and exported as FBX, so the effects of the RBF solvers are already included in the animations you export from Maya. Like the rest of the Maya rig, the RBF solvers are no longer needed after the animation is baked. Are you trying to build a rig inside Unity that’s not just blending between exported animations, eg with real-time IK?

If you look in the RBF menu there is an option to export the system and save it to disk. The data is stored as a pretty simple JSON format which is about as good as you could hope for as a starting point for rebuilding the RBF system in Unity. But I think most people here are Maya riggers not Unity riggers, and you would need to discuss that sort of advanced workflow with Unity rigging experts.

As far as I’m aware, there’s no RBF solver in Unity. It definitely does not come with it, and I haven’t found any 3rd parties doing something similar.

So no, there’s no way as of today.

Thank you for replying.

The picture above is blendshapes I will use. its from daz3d, I want to create realistic body movements in Unity.

I wish to make real-time IK in Unity with these blendshapes. but I don’t think its possible now.
btw, I have a extra question, if I use many baked animations from maya, Does it affect optimization in Unity Engine?