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Is mGear game-ready by default?

hey, just wanted to make sure of something
I know that there’s the “game tools” utility in mGear, but it doesn’t seem to work properly for me (if I pinpointed it correctly, I think it’s because of the facial rig), so I just wanted to ask if mGear rigs are usually game ready by default, even without game tools (of course, I’m asking about vanilla mGear without custom scripts that may interrupt)?

as a little test I took my character rig, manually grouped the joints_org and the geo group under the same group, baked a little test animation I made and it seems to work on unity, but I really only did a very small test animation, are there things that tend to usually break that I need to look out for?

thanks in advance, Eliran :slight_smile:

one thing I will recommend checking is the joint scaling settings

for the mGear 3.7 release, I will prepare documentation and tutorial about the game pipeline. some of the current issue will be fixed.

for example, game tools in shifter don’t support disconnecting the joints of facial rigging tools in rigbits.

Also, don’t forget to check this tutorial from @Milio


Yeah, I keep one separated joint hierarchy but I don’t force the uniform scaling. I do use Unreal and it is fully capable of coping with a non-uniform scale.