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Is there any documentation that is up to date and for rigging beginners?


Is there any documentation that is up to date and for rigging beginners? Like for someone that is relatively new to Maya and rigging.

I’ve looked at the YouTube videos on mGear and they all seem out of date. I often can’t understand the accent, the person talking is moving the mouse pointer erratically, not explaining visual cues in the scene, and selecting on things too quickly and generally just impossible to watch.

The manual doesn’t seem to cover the mGear UI and how it interacts with the scene.

I have looked and there doesn’t seem to be any books on mGear either…

I had a model rigged and the person used mGear, but now he is not available and so I have to figure out how to use it. I do have it installed.

If there is not anything good available I’m willing to pay someone up to $50 per hour to tutor me with remote screensharing. I’m available on weekends 11AM - 6PM, and week day evenings 7 PM - 10 PM. PST.


Hello @bhartsb

mGear’s youtube videos are not rigging neither animation tutorials per say. From your message I do not know if what you are trying to do is animate with an mgear rig that you already have or you are trying to rig new characters?

If you are not confortable with Maya at all then mGear’s videos won’t help you as those are not intented as videos to teach rigging. For that you have a lot of resources available on the net out there.
If you are looking for videos on how to better understand mGear’s rigging system @Miquel did some real tutorials about this that you can get in here and for more advance usage here but again keep in mind that those are not video tutorials that will teach you how to use Maya.

Hope this helps.
Jerome Drese


Hi Jerome,

I have seen the videos you are referencing and I don’t think they are current with mGear, and they are very difficult to follow for a number of reasons. I’m looking for something that is for a beginner to rigging and to mGear, and also fairly newbie to Maya. I haven’t been able to find anything that even explains mGears UI and scene gadgets.

I have a rig that is done mostly in mGear, but the guy is now unavailable as mentioned. I want to understand it.

Many of the things in Maya I have no need for. I’m a iOS developer, and mostly approaching Maya from the DG and programming side of things. You might recall my other posts months back on this forum wanting to get solvers and IK etc for my rig working in SceneKit. We do now have a Maya C++ plugin (as well as a reference Python plugin) that can hook and sync some things real-time between Maya and SceneKit app.


Haaa yes I recall your post now, I figure that you ended up going into another path.

I will send you a private message so that I can help you better with this.