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Issue with Windows mGear plug-ins

I am having an issue when I try to test build the built in biped template rig. It seems to crash when it reaches the properties coding section and I don’t know where it is going wrong. I have tried re-downloading mGear and placing the Resources file under the modules folder in Maya2019, and also placing the plug ins individually in my program files for maya respectively.

Is there anyone with a solution?

Hello @Connor_J_Day and Welcome to the forum

You shouldn’t be needed to do anything fancy in terms of mGear’s installation. Could you please provide us with more information of what the script editor is printing when reaching the part you mention?


Hello @Jerome
I have attached a screenshot as to where it crashes as I do not receive a maya crash log when it crashes the programs just shuts down.

Pretty strange

Before doing any of the bellow things I would like to know if when starting Maya you get an error message on Maya’s OUTPUT window. If not then…

I would recommend the following:

  • Delete your Maya2019 preference folders and try again
  • I that did not work, try updating to another Maya update package
  • Then if that didn’t work, try trashing mGear’s installations, download it again and deploy it.

Good luck

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I do not get any errors when opening maya, The python editor shows a few warnings but those pertain to arnold, and one for mtoa.

Would Maya 2019 have any issues with mGear if I had the 2020 version on my system?

I will try the methods listed and hope it sorts out the issue.
Many thanks

Sorry @Connor_J_Day I wasn’t talking about the script editor but about the Maya’s output window

In any case you can have the same mGear version for several Maya versions and having several Maya versions installed shouldn’t affect this.

Ah, sorry. Here is the Output window when I start up maya 2019.

Yes no error there either so try then the other solutions.

Reinstalling Maya seems to have solved the issue.

Thank you very much for the help.

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Good to know.
Have fun and let us know if you have any question. We are pretty active on the forum and there’s a lot of cool people helping in here.