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Issues installing - no module


I’ve searched through the forum a few times, and I see people with the same issue as myself, but I cannot find anything that really solved the issue.

So first off, I’m on a student/non commercial licenses - in case that matters.

I’ve tried both 2019 and 2020. Windows 10 OS.

I am unable to get mGear to install. There was no modules folder, so I have created it in Documents\maya, and in the 2020/2019 folders. I’ve tried all combinations of only in the maya folder, only in the 2020 folder etc.

I’ve moved both the “mgear-dist-3.6.6” and just the contents of the folder into the modules folder, in all of the different modules folders I have created. Nothing seems to work. When I run “import mgear” i get “No module named mgear”

If I try:

import maya.cmds as cmds
allModules = cmds.moduleInfo(listModules=True)
for eachModule in allModules:
print cmds.moduleInfo(path=True, moduleName=eachModule)

it only lists modules based in c:\program files (mostly plugins and bifrost) and c:\solidangle

I’m really quite unsure how to proceed? I am a reasonably technical user, but still learning Maya.

Hi, Rasmuoy,

3.6.6 doesn’t have the mgear asset zip file. If you check 3.6.0 you’ll see that it has the code compiled into the right format to load as a module. I think that because you have 3.6.6 you don’t have that compiled asset zip, just the source code which isn’t packaged ready for a simple module install.

I think if you download this instead you’ll get it working. If you want to update to 3.6.6, I think the easiest way is to then patch this install from the 3.6.6 source code. This just means replacing the files manually.



Thank you!

That worked! I was wondering what the “release folder” was all about.

As a note for whoever is in charge, the documentation says “download the latest release” - which in this case does not make sense if they are not compiled? Also, I had to add “MAYA_MODULES_PATH = C:\Users\rasmuoy.dn\Documents\maya\modules” to my maya.env file, which I also don’t think should be necessary? It’s not documented in the installation at least - and I thought Maya was supposed to check that folder.

I also tried to add it to the 2019 folder to test if it needed to be there instead, but it would only work after I added the MAYA_MODULES_PATH in the env file.

The downloads that say “source code” will have source code only. They are minor version tags, not full releases. The full releases have plugins and module files included. But you only need to install these once since they rarely change. You can replace the python files from the source code downloads if you want to use one of these smaller updates.