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Issues when trying to set everything to an A pose it just snaps to a random pose

hey all I’m having a strange issue with my rig where it keeps snapping to a specific pose when I move the time slider, keep in mind it has zero keys

Also on a side note I’m using animbot

simply put when I try to put everything to 0 its normal, but when I move the time slider it just pushes everything back to where it was in its messed up state. its as if it had keys, I checked all the layers and nothing not a single key

This seems like an animation layer (or AnimBot) issue, nothing to do with mGear.

I’m not familiar with animation layers, but if I make two test layers, and do things like ghosting them, the rig snaps back to the values of the first layer. Anim layers are nodes that input values into the channels, even if you don’t have keys.

My guess is that it’s similar to when you parentConstraint something, for example. But then you turn all the target weights to 0.0. That doesn’t mean the object is now free to move around. If you move the constraint target(s), with zero weights, the object will still snap to its .restTranslate values. Unless you have keys. Then you’ll get a pairBlend, and can switch between the result of the constraint and the keys.

The point being, this is a DAG. It isn’t random. The values come from somewhere.

Try adding keys?

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you’re right, the cause seems to come from the animation layers itself, cus it seems that the main cause is the destination plug in the anim layer itself, cus when I change input A to zero it acts normal when moving the timeline

there is one other thing, the imput a and b would have this reset bug when clearing and resetting animation to defaults, as it doesn’t affect everything, so the bug is that it somehow keeps the imput values when it shouldn’t I so I feel its more of an animation layer bug, so temporary fix would be to clear imput a and b, though I feel i may be missing something

can be also related to this?

yeah its sort of like that, I think its like an additional bug?, this also happens regardless if manipulation is turned on or off in the evaluation toolkit