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Jaw Rotation Problem

The jaw rotates only on the Z axis, which is side to side.
I would like it to have the option to rotate on all 3 axes.
How do I fix this?

I’ve never used this component. But I just built it to check. It looks like that control is meant to be an ik controller. Translating it makes the jaw rotate. So it should be placed closer to the front of the jaw, like an ik handle. Rotating in Z is an ik twist.

And then for the uiHost of that control (make sure you set a host, or it will put the attributes on the global control), there are parameters for how much the jaw bone will rotate or translate, as you translate mouth_C0_jaw_ctl

To simply rotate the jaw, it looks like you probably want to use mouth_C0_jawOffset_ctl.

Make sure you choose the mouth_02 component if you want that extra jawOffset control. If you already made a guide using mouth_01, you can just select the mouth_C0_root guide, and go to the attribute editor and change “Comp Type” from mouth_01 to mouth_02, and then it will build as mouth_02.


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Thank you so much! This worked.