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Jimdo Commercials


here our latest commercial all done with mgear…

production: brickbeach hamburg
animation/rendering: the soulcage department

we used gear for softimage in the past for years and now with mgear the switch to maya became very easy for us…
thank you miquel


That’s cute :grinning: , which of Shifter’s components you used for making the rabbit ears ? for example a Chain_spring_01 or others?


thank you…
yes for the ears its chain spring 01.
(btw. you can edit the spring intensity attribute so it can go beyond 1. then you can exegurate the dynamics…)

for the longer hair, its nhair dynamics…


Cool, thanks for sharing it!


really cool :).
If you can talk about it, how long did it appro. take you to rig/skin one character?
Assuming you already are very familiar with mGear.


thank you.
yes there was expirience from the softimage gear tool wich mgear is based on. our inhouse software was/is softimage…
the rigging, skinning, blendshapes setup process took approx. 2 days for one character. we have some auto scripts to setup facial blenshapes so that speed up things…also the copy skin command helped a lot in setting up the clothes…
but during animation process skinning was improved, because in the initial state of skinning it is not so possible to take care of every animation pose…so also corrective blendshapes were evolved during animation phase.
more time consuming was the grooming of the fur, there were a lot of revisions from the client…



thanks for the answer, sounds like a fast workflow, pretty cool. lot of client revision on the fur, not so funny :smiley: , anyway keep up the great work. cheers