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[JOB] Leo Sanchez Studio looking for mGear Riggers

Hi everyone!!

We are looking for riggers/character TDs for AAA quality stylized characters with cartoony proportions! The ideal candidate is a highly motivated artist who has built complex rigs and is capable of maintaining a high level of visual and technical quality for cartoony/stylized characters and must have a strong understanding of skinning, maya rigging workflow, anatomy, and be comfortable with the mGear data centric workflow.


– We are currently looking for experienced artists that are proficient in Maya AND also have experience in rigging characters with the mGear framework and data centric workflow.

– Experience in rigging/set up and skinning character bodies and faces in Maya.

– Strong knowledge of character kinematics, deformations, and topology. With a good eye for artistic and volume preserving sculpting of corrective blendshapes for the body, facial features and facial expressions.

– The artist needs to have a strong and flexible workflow that lets them adapt to the production timeline and scheduling needs.

– A demo reel showcasing high quality deformation of characters’ body and facial features with rig breakdowns.

You can check our previous projects at https://www.leosanchezstudio.com/ and contact us with your demo reel and CV at Contact@leosanchezstudio.com

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