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[JOB] Technical Artist remote contract work


Hi Folks

Mayday is seeking a remote, freelance Technical Artist/Rigger, with Maya and Unreal Engine 4 experience, to help our team complete the tools for our rigging pipeline.

For the past few months I have been working with mGear and learning how to customize and integrate a pipeline for a core workflow between Maya and Unreal Engine 4. However, I am animation focused and we would like to find someone who has the technical skills to complete building the tools we need for the remainder of our pipeline.

About the job:
Looking for someone who has a strong background in developing games, building content pipelines and a firm understanding of production for game animation from rigging to in-engine.
The contractor will need to apply their experience and proven skills to help us develop a consistent set of rigging and pipeline tools that preferably, but not exclusively, will be based on the mGear Framework (Data-Centric Rigging) solution, and afterwords be used by the in-house Character Art Team to create the rigs for all the characters in the current project.


  • Easily updatable rigs (Data Centric rigging)
  • Adaptable to multiple character body types
  • Maya to UE4 export tool
  • Share animations between characters
  • Character facial rigging
  • 2D anime-style eye rig
  • Prop rigging with blendshapes


  • 2D eye rig blueprint setup in UE4
  • Prop and character animation sync blueprint setup in UE4

How to Apply
Please email our producer with your portfolio and/or demo reel.
If you have any questions feel free to message me or reply here.