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Joint Placement In "Chain_" components

Hello Ladies and gets and fine rigging folk,

Is there a way to specify where the actual joints get created in any of the “chain” components?

this is what my guide looks like and i would like the joints to be where the actual guide “nodes” are.

but when i generate the chain i get this :

all the different chain variants give somewhat different results but there is just no way to get what i want. or unless I’m approaching this the wrong way or using the tool badly?


Trying to bump this post in hopes of an answer. Thank you.

Well, I don’t know an answer to your question.

But sometimes I just make basic chains out of control_01 nodes, and then use post scripts to rig up something fancy like a ribbon to those controls. But that’s just the way I work. If I get stuck on a component’s behaviour, I just script my way around it and move on.

Especially for really specific mechanical/prop stuff. Most of the components seem to be designed with biped/quadruped characters in mind.

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I am afraid there is not something that you can do with all components. It depends on the component design. In many cases, the joint position is parametric based on a set of rules. For example the name of division between 2 points