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Joints are not buliding for game Ik Arm

I am building a rig template with a game biped template. I have added some chain_fk_spline 02 and leg_3 jnt_01. When I created the rig, it failed to create joints for the arm. If I only select the arm, it creates the joints properly. Can you please suggest a solution?

There are most likely errors in the script editor that could clue us in as to why it broke. My guess is it’s the naming convention rules you have set. There’s probably a joint already created that clashes with the arm joint once it gets to that stage.

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Thanks for the reply. I am using default naming rules. I didn’t change anything :confused:

So you might have to change them, so they don’t clash. There are a couple of threads, more about the neck joints, where even the example template had some naming clashes.

@chrislesage I had to recreate the template, now it is working. I think that joint description names might be clashing.
However, I have another issue. After building the rig, I get translation and rotation values on fk and ik of the arms. They are some angle right now.

Like this? Extra rotations on Elbow and knee joints

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