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Leg_2jnt_02 and leg_2jnt_freeTangents_01 with foot_bk_01

Hi there!
it seems that in the foot_bk_01 there is no connector available in the foot options for the above leg components.
just giving a hint in case thats not on your radar …

By the way im teaching a rigging class now using mgear :slight_smile: most likely i will pop up with questions here regulary soon :wink:

Thanks for the effort,

Hello @david_s

I think you are trying to find the connector of the foot on the leg components when it is the other way around.


The connector on the foot_bk component exists for the leg components unless I am missing something :yum:

Let us know if this is what you where looking for.

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mm no, as you can see in your image there are only connector for the 3 leg types, but none for te other two? that caused confusion as i tried to use the Leg_2jnt_02 and then the foot didn’t work as expected…
Or am i missing something?

Haaa ok ok sorry about that.

So it is indeed possible that for some of those new components we didn’t populate the connectors on the foot component. I would recommend going for the leg_2jnt_01 connector and create a post custom step to reparent the nodes where they need to go. That should be to difficult but if you need help let me know I’ll make a quick video for you of what need to be done.


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cool, must admit i havent looked much into it, i just used the other leg component for now. But if its only a reparenting issue im sure i’ll find out!