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Leg_3jnt_01 knee flips when I Duplicate sym


So I’ve noticed there are a few posts on issues with the 3jnt leg system. I’m not exactly sure if this is the same problem others have had but when I build the rig it seems that the knee joint straightens out. I’ve tried rebuilding/ moving the guide curves / changing it to rotation solvers but it seems to always invert on the knee.

Is there something super simple that I am missing? Do you think I should make it work with a 2jnt system?

Not sure what else to try.


So the only way I managed to get it to work is by keeping the Leg_3jnt_01 system as straight as possible. and now its working.

This is the first Quadruped that i have built and I’m thinking perhaps the issue is in the model as a base?

Is it usually better to have the legs of a quadruped more straight in the neutral pose ? as it seems bending the guide to match the model is the main issue.


it is a known issue due the Maya IK spring solver : Leg_3jnt_01 - rotation 360 when blending with "leg_fullIK" attribute