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Leg_3jnt_01 twist joints

Is there a way to parent twist joints to respective parents so they are hierarchically similar to Unreal’s Mannequin or prevent creating twist joints?

If you just want to get rid of the twist joints in that component you can change the “div” attributes to have a minimum value of 0. It didnt work me changing the minimum value in the settingsUI.py, but like this instead:

Select the component and expand the extra attributes in the attributes editor. Here you can see the div attributes
Edit attributes and locate the div 0-2
change them to these settings and edit them in the channel box editor. (changing them in the attributes editor didnt work for me. seems to be a maya 2023 issue)
them change them to 0

Now if you want to reparent the twist joints so they are like the Unreal Mannequin you could write a custom postscript that reparents every second joint two positions up. Basically use listRelatives on the first joint and start reparenting.

You could also take the long route and make your own component, however I’m not too familiar with that process yet.