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Leg_3jnt_01: Unwanted stretchiness

Hi all,

I’ve noticed that for the leg_3jnt_01 component, if you set ‘Full 3 bones IK’ attribute to 0, the legs will stretch, even if the ‘Stretch’ attribute is set to 0. Setting the ‘Full 3 bones IK’ attribute to 1 stops this behavior (stretch turns off as expected if it is set to 0). I was just curious if there was a reason for this behavior? I feel like the leg should never stretch if the ‘Stretch’ attribute is at 0.



(You can see it in the screenshot below - ‘Full 3 bones IK’ set to 0, ‘Stretch’ is off, but the leg is stretching. This is built from the standard quad template.)

yes, that is a side effect of the current design. For the moment there is no plans to update it.

Explanation: since the IK is cut to give the 2 Joint ik, the last part of the leg gets free to move without limits and that is why we have this side effect.

you can see the actual chains that solve each configuration here: