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Leg_3jnt rotation issue on joints



I’ve tried using the leg_3jnt_01 with foot_bk_01. After i push the leg_C0_ik_ctl (ikSpring) and rotate the x axis about negetive 40 the jointEnd and the joint above that flip to -180. I tried this with leg_2jnt_01 nothing of this sort happens. Here is the maya file. Please look into it.




I took a look at the file you posted, first of all I am now having mGear 3 Beta:

Yeah the issue you talk about is happening even in mGear 3 Beta: (rotating the foot IK cube along (- X) makes the Joint “leg_C0_5_jnt” suddenly rotates to -180)

I created a whole new leg with exact shape like yours from scratch in mGear 3 (leg_3jnt_01 & foot_bk_01) , when I rotate the foot IK cube backwards in X Axis , until more than 112 degrees, the joint “leg_C0_5_jnt” & its bone suddenly rotates to 180 or -180 ((Specially appears more if you move the IK cube up then move it front/back))


Hi guys!

I have to check this component. Sadly I am not using it since long time. I will try to review it before release, but can’t assure anything



Thanks miquel. I hope you will have a solution soon.


I also tried digging into your file a little bit, but couldn’t find any easy solution right away.

In my testing, leg_2jnt_freeTangents_01 and arm_2jnt_freeTangents_01 are the best limb modules, for the cartoony characters we are going to do. They are very flexible, with a sensible number of controls.

I think the 3jnt limbs have an extra bone for spreading/fixing the knee, right? freeTangent limbs have some extra tangent controls so you have the same ability, and more.