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Leg issue when stretched



I’ve got a request from my animators that when they stretch the leg it kind of breaks or creates a pop. Here is a example

I tried to solve this but anything I do breaks the rig in one way or another. Can anyone point me to a solution for this problem?



What leg component are you using?

Does .leg_softness not work for you? That makes the IK pop softer.

Turning that on also makes the leg a bit longer. So I sometimes try it around 0.2 or 0.3 just to get rid of some of the popping. 1.0 makes the leg too long in my opinion.


Hi @chrislesage

I’m using the 'leg_2jnt_01 ’ component. I tried softness before and it works. But my animator wanted it to be automatic without adjusting the softness every time as it slows him down. Thanks for the help