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Leg stretch issue

Hi folks. First-time poster and relatively new to mGear. I’m having a leg problem. Whenever the leg IK is moved such that any amount of stretch is engaged, strange things happen to the mesh (see pic). The problem gets worse as the chracter’s world_ctl is rotated away from zero, and seems to go away when I reduce the Max Stretch channel to 1 or switch the skin cluster from dual quaternion to classic linear.

Has anyone else ever encountered this?

I’m using mGear 4.0.9.

Hi there,

This is likely a Maya issue, not mGear. I think Dual Quat skinning struggles with non-uniform scaling.

So you might have to:

  • Use blended skinning, and paint the legs to linear. Or use linear skinning, and preserve volume another way. (Corrective shapes, or helper joints.)
  • Force uniform-scaling on the rig, in the guide settings.