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Leg3jnt_01 quadrupeds

hello! This is bugging me for quite a while and I decided to ask in case it can be solved quickly.

I can’t seem to be able to parent any control01 component when using the leg3 quadruped component.

I’d like several bones for extra deformation by parenting them under the leg, but, although bones are successfully created, the control rig is missing.

Are you aware of this? how can i fix it?


  1. Can you show your guide hierarchy? What nodes are you parenting the control_01 underneath?
  2. Is there a chance you have some empty transforms in your controllers_org group? If your control_01 has a matching name under that group, and it is an empty transform, it is going to assign NO shape to the controller. It will still be there in the outliner, but you won’t see it in the rig.
  3. Is your control_01 joint connected to something? Follow the inputs to get back to the control. Is it actually missing? Maybe it’s parented under something that is currently hidden.
  4. Are you seeing any related errors in your output log?

hello! thank you!
let me check it out:

  1. I have the quadruped leg named to frontLeg.
    Im parenting 3 control01 components under the “frontLeg_L0_ankle” and “frontLeg_L0_knee”
  2. No, I even deleted the buffer curves and still nothing showing up.
    3.There’s indeed something there!
  3. No errors, all built successfully.

This issue is not only related to this rig I’m currently making, the quadruped leg never did work for me when parenting stuff underneath.


I see!! It is getting parented under that group and hidden by default.


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so strange! how can i avoid these extra stuff falling into that group?

I suggest just writing a POST script to move them. Parent/scale constrain the control’s root to the joint they are parented under (or whichever bone you want it to follow), and then parent them somewhere else.

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ah! I’ll do that thanks you very much!