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Lenght of each bones gnerated by spine IK or Neck IK


Hello I would like to choose the Lenght of each bones generated by spine IK or Neck IK but there is no control.

For now you put the start and the end and the number of bones but it generates all th bones same lenght. Is there a way to control the generation of bones and choose the % of lenght for each bones ?
I tried to do it after the rig was generated moving the controler of the spine but I didn’t find a way to reset the controler bind pose to 0. There is a button reset bind pose in the synoptic but it looks like it deos the same as reset selected trans.




Hi @alex6ber

The current components doesn’t allow to set the length from the configuration.
But, is possible to tweak the motionPath U parameter for each joint . Check the following image:

WARNING: Since you change the default position after build. This may add some default rotation to your joint rest pose. This is maybe an issue for FBX export



Awesome, just what I wanted.
For now I bake animation on another constarined fbx squeleton more simple to import in engine so it shouldn’t cause any problem for fbx export.
The problem was to constraint the squeleton to another I need bones at the same place and I was a litttle stuck with spine and neck IK but now it should be fine.

Thanks a lot !