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Limb joint aim error or intended? (roundness)

Hi there,

When using the roundness attribute on a limb, I’ve noticed that the joints don’t point down at the next joint in the chain - is this intended or a bug in one of the solvers?

Obviously when weighting 100% to each joint the error becomes plainly obvious - is there something I should be doing to correct for this?




Me again. You can ignore this - I had a complete brain-fart and forgot about how the joints should be weighted around the actual joint rather than down the chain.


to be honest it depends on how the curvature is calculated by the solver.
In mGear the default limbs are using roll spline solver. And you need to skin from center

But! the freeTangent components are using Maya’s spline Ik solver. So you need to skin down the chain :wink: