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Lip Rig and Eyebrow Riggers issues

Am I the only one experiencing a weird bug with these two rigs?

The moment I rotate my rigs (biped and quadruped) 180 degrees in local or world space things go south. I have had to use a ribbon script to compensate. I love mGear and I am holding out for a solution soon but this is a deal breaker…

Have you parented the curves below the head?

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Hey bro. I seriously doubt parenting controls will solve this. It looks like the problem is much more deep rooted, perhaps at a joint level


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Hi @Shingai, no @oglu is right. You have to parent your rig parts under the hierarchy properly, or things will flip when you rotate the rig.

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Hi @chrislesage As far as the lip rig goes, where do you recommend I parent the rig. I tried the jaw, head and lowerlip.

I rotate the global_C0_ctl 180 degress on Y, rotate spine_C0_ik1_ctl a further 90 but nothing changes.

Can you upload a rig for someone to look at?


@chrislesage I will definitely do so

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