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Lips rigger and extract controls

Am i right that the extract controls feature does not work for the lips rigger.?
I extracted the lips controls but if i rebuild i get the original controls.

Yes extract controls should be working fine. But when you build the lips, it does not run the code that replaces the control icons automatically. That runs when you build the main rig.

Here is some code which will replace your lip control icons with the controlBuffers you extracted:

import pymel.core as pm
from mgear import rigbits

lipControls ='lips_*_ctl', type='transform')

for lipControl in lipControls:
    if pm.objExists(lipControl + '_controlBuffer'):
        oTarget = pm.PyNode(lipControl)
        oSource = pm.PyNode(lipControl + '_controlBuffer')
        rigbits.replaceShape(oSource, [oTarget])

Feature Request: When lips_rigger or eyes_rigger runs, and creates its controls, it should search the controlBuffers and see if an appropriate icon exists, and if so, use it.


yes that is something I need to implement. Logged here

@chrislesage PS: I am catching up with the forum today :slight_smile:

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