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Lit_chain_01 Rotation Axis


I was wondering if there is a simple way to change the overall rotation axis of the Lite chain it seems like no matter which direction you make the chain at creation it has a rotational value of Z down the chain I would like to possibly allow it to be user defined.


Anyone one have any answer for this?


Hi Dfulton,

There is no option for that built in to the component.

The orientation of the controls comes from:
mgear_3.x.x\scripts\mgear\shifter_classic_components\lite_chain_01\__init__.py lines 23 and 24.

You can change the self.normal and self.binormal in the component code. I usually just tinker with those values until I get the orientation I want. But my best guess is that the binormal is the axis that faces down the chain, and the normal faces out sideways from the chain.

Then on line 50, transform.getChainTransform() uses those values to orient the controls, and - I assume - the joints as well.