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Lupin III: The First


Now that the cat is out of the bag, I guess it’s OK to share it here :slight_smile:

Lupin the III: The First was done using mGear. :smiley::smiley::smiley:

The production was done at Marza Animation Planet, and this movie was the latest project that I did in Marza (Indeed, I keep working giving technical assistance for a few month more after I left). I was in charge to develop the facial rigging system, the facial rig for Lupin and Letitia and give support for mGear in general. The heavy-lift was done by the Marza’s rigging team.

I was trying to get permission to post some screen captures of the rigs. But it looks like is more complex than I initially thought. If I finally get it I will post it here.

For the moment if you can read Japanese or just interested in the pictures. CGWOLRD Magazine did an amazing report about the production. In the magazine there is some pictures of the rigs

You can get the magazine in Amazon:

More info here:

Also, next week key members from the production will be talking in this podcast. I hope they show some behind the scenes. Don’t miss it!



Congratulation. This is really cool!


Badass. Those faces are amazing and super expressive.


Next Step --> port the face rig to mGear.


CgWorld posted more information. With some pictures of the facial rig.

@oglu it is already mGear :wink: but the picker in the image is MG picker


Congrats Miquel, very awesome work


fantastic Miquel. congratulations. it’s a great achievement.


The MG Picker author feels proud of being part of this project.Maybe he’ll show up here personally :grin:


Such great work. This really captures the spirit of the source material.

The characters are so expressive, there is so much to be proud of. You’ve really earned it and been so generous with the community.


Full article about the production:


Wow congrats Miquel!


Thanks @tomflav and Happy new year!