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Match FK/IK newbie question

Hello everybody!

I’m totally new to mgear.
I got my first animation job in maya, I come from the 3dsmax world. :sweat_smile:
In this new job I am getting a character created in mgear 3.7.11.

The question I asked is if it will have match fk/ik of arms and they answered me no.
I can’t figure out how I should do the match fk/ik of arms.

I can’t figure out how I should do the animations, luckily I start in the first week of January and it gives me a few days to investigate this topic.

They didn’t give me a configured picker of the character either.
The question is, am I in time to build a match fk/ik option?

I only see FK/IK blend under the arm and leg controls.

I was testing based on this publication and had no luck.

Any help is welcome.

Hi welcome @dg3duy

Depending on how they set things up, you probably shouldn’t need to write your own switcher. The answers I give you will assume you are using an mGear Shifter Biped template. The template is just an example, and you are free to change it. But if you do choose different components, or rename the components, you might have to alter some of the code examples.

(And just to be clear in terminology, mGear is a rigging framework composed of plugins and scripts. “Shifter” is the rig you build with all the rig components. So that’s what I mean when I say Shifter.)

  1. In the mGear menu, if you turn on “mGear Viewport Menu” then you will have a new right-click menu when you have an mGear Shifter controller selected. This will give you some options for seamless space-switching and IK/FK switching.

  2. In the mGear release, you’ll find some picker samples under “anim_picker_samples” folders. Load these, and they should work out of the box with a standard Shifter biped template. If you don’t rename the arms and legs, it should work with other limb components too. For example, if you change the arms to arm_2jnt_freeTangents_01. In that picker sample, you’ll find some buttons for seamless space switching and IK/FK switching.

I suggest you play with the Anim Picker, and learn how to edit and change it. It’s quite easy to make your own custom pickers, based off of this template. And if you change your rig name, (or if they changed the naming conventions of the rig you were given) then you can edit the code to match your new names, if required.

Hope that helps!


I can’t believe it, now with the first option you suggested I can make the passage from ik to fk, now I have more freedom to animate the arms. It is a tremendous relief, thank you very much.