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Math nodes as a feature removed in the repo

hi guys, i got a general question, since the removal of the math nodes from the standard install of mGear, what is your ways of dealing with it?

just loading a different plugin reimplementing the nodes? :smiley:
it seems to me that the one showing up first in the google search is not very timely maintained (2021 afaik)

i seem to be an idiot, as it has been removed quite a long time ago and not as recent as i thought (just switched mGear versions tho), still i am very interested how you guys dealt with that.

Do you mind if I ask you where you found the fact that the math nodes no longer exist in the standard install of mGear? And which math nodes are you talking about?

The math nodes and other 3rd party solvers are not included/maintained since some time ago.
The only plugins that we fully support are mgear_solvers and the RBF weightdriver

Note: Maya is including similar Math nodes in the latest versions