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Maya 2019 Mgear 3.2 Mac Install

Hi, i was wondering if anyone here would knowing anything about installing mgear on a macbook air, ive tried looking for a way to install but havent been able to find a way to get it installed from searching online other than someone saying they had to brute install, however i am unable to do that as i need my mac for certain things, if anyone knows of a way on how to get mgear for mac i would deeply appreciate it!

Hi welcome. Use the forum’s search feature, and sort by time. Or even just read 9 or 10 posts down the front page… :wink:

I’m closing this topic, as it has been asked multiple times. Edit, sorry no. I see this is about 3.2. Even though the process should be identical. Are the solvers missing in this release?

What does “brute install” mean?

Sorry for answering too quickly.

Yes I just looked. In mGear 3.2 there are no MacOS plugins compiled for Maya 2019. That’s why it isn’t working.

The solvers/plugins are all the same in the recent versions of mGear. So you can just copy them from another version of mGear.

  1. Download the latest mGear 3.6.0

  2. Find these files:

  3. Copy them to here in mGear 3.2. Make sure the path is correct.

  4. If you are on MacOS Catalina, don’t forget the security step. You need to run this command in the

Replace that “/PATH/TO/YOUR/MGEAR/DOWNLOAD/FOLDER/” with your own path.

For me it would look like:
sudo xattr -r -d /Users/chrislesage/Downloads/mgear_3.2.0

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