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Maya 2020 error


since we are on mgear 2.5.24, i compiled the solvers for maya 2020…
on first load i got an error in the vendor/ module, so i replaced it with the one from v3.2.0 and the mgear menue shows up.
but now i am running in errors when trying edit guides component settings or when opening synoptic.
(something changed on mayas pyside?)

i get this error:
Error: RuntimeError: file D:\MAYA_WORKGROUP\mgear_2.5.24\scripts\mgear\maya\ line 54: Internal C++ object (PySide2.QtWidgets.QWidget) already deleted.

how can i fix this? replacing from v3.2.0 didnt help.

ok. i think i solved the problem.
just saw that there is a newer version (3.3.1).
so replacing and from there, now everything works again for 2.5.24 and maya 2020.