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Maya 2022, mGear 'import skin' rest pose 'exploded'

I am testing mGear - metahumans interaction, I 've binded the 2 successfully, now I’m trying to see if I can delete the skin cluster and rebind using the saved skin from mGear menu.
It works in principle (if I move the controls everything seems to behave) but when it goes back to rest pose all the point become scrambled (see image) as soon as I touch a control everything jumps in the correct place and behaves. Any hint? Thanks!

Can you please show your skeleton? Are all the joints moving? This looks like either:

  1. Your joints are moving up.
  2. Your bindpose joints were all collapsed at origin, and then when they get snapped back to the position of the rig, your bind pose is all relative to [0,0,0] which is why it looks like it’s shooting outwards from origin.

When you import your skin, you have to make sure your joints are already in the correct bind position. And that there isn’t already an existing skinCluster on the geo.

  1. A third possibility, since you say it only happens when you go to rest pose… There may be an offset/bug with how you attached your skeleton to the rig. By which method are your joints constrained to the rig? Is it a parent constraint? Or an mGear matrix? There may be an offset in the parentConstraint, or an incorrect input in the matrix constraint.
  2. Or if you can verify the skin and bindPose are all correct, this may be a graphics card issue. Which could also explain why it only happens sometimes. One test (not solution, just a test) would be to turn your evaluation mode to DG instead of parallel, and turn off GPU override, and see if this stops happening.

so I did some tests, DG eval. break it all the times(oddly), parallel works ( maybe metahumans RBF solver is doing something there? weird though) , but the annoying thing is, if I save and load a Json using maya deformer save weights , everything works (albeit none of the systems gets exactly the deformations right as they were before) , when I do the same thing with the mGear load/save skin I get that behaviour, joints are not moving at all, there are no keys, see new attached gif.
this scene was made using a default export from metahumans and the followed the tutorial how to create the anim rig from mGear to connect to the metahuman one.

  1. Are you willing to share a rig to download and look at?
  2. Just to double check, are you removing/deleting the skinCluster before attempting to import with mGear skin import? Importing mGear weights doesn’t load weights, it creates an entirely new skinCluster. If there is an existing skin, I believe it should fail. But it might just cause glitches. I don’t 100% know.
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I need to recreate the skincluster before I use import skin, otherwise it complaints about missing stuff:
# Warning: Object: f_tal_nrw_body_lod0_mesh Skiped. Can’t found corresponding deformer for the following joints: [‘ankle_bck_l’, ‘ankle_bck_r’…etc]
I am only using import skin , export skin, not import/export weights.

I can save the scene, can you pm? or where I can put the file? thanks!

Dropbox, Google Drive, some file sharing site, your own server. And sure you can send it to me in a PM if you don’t want to share it with everyone.