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Maya Asset feature for Guide Managerment

Recently, I found a Maya good feature which can bundle a lot of node into one node.

Here is a short tutorial about that feature from Maya Learning Channel.
Setting up a Character Asset - YouTube

Even thought it’s a old feature which add into maya for many years, but we almost not realize that feature at all.

I think guide component can bundle with asset as one node,then we can use the native node editor to manage the guide attributes and connection.
Instead of build a new Qt node editor like nxt_editor or Craft.

nxt-dev/nxt_editor: The visual node editor for nxt, a python layering and sequential execution tool for animation and VFX (github.com)
nxt_editor is a great node graph tool but I think its design philosophy not very frindly to the modular rigging system.

モジュラーリギングシステム CRAFT と内製ツールの紹介 (square-enix.com)
Craft is a modular rigging system built by square-enix, it looks pretty nice, but not open to the public.
It also contain a nodal gui.

Hello @timmyliang I am familiar with assets. But right now there is a few advantages to don’t bundle the guide as an asset. for example to cheat some guide placement by cutting and re-parenting parts of the component guide

About the node editor to connect guides, I am not contemplating that option right now. I think the direct object parenting relation works fine and is an easier workflow.
But it may be useful in some cases when complex relations between 2 components need to be established. For example leg and foot type of connections.

NXTis a processing graph and I feel is more like a supercharged custom step system than a modular rigging system. Although you can also use NXT that way :slight_smile:

yep Craft is great! I know the developer, it shares some common ideas with mGear. The developer use to be also a Softimage user :slight_smile:

I test the Asset workflow, It did not meet my expectations.
I even find a bug which not support publish array attributes in node editor.

But I still want to find a better solution with nodal gui to ease the pain of building a complex rig.

can you describe the specific limitation/pain that you are finding? I would like to know more :slight_smile: Thanks

Node Editor can show the guide relationship better.
For example ik refernece array, I think it’s not clear enough to tell what kind of guide connect to it.

I agree :slight_smile: that is what I meant by:

space switch relations are also a good candidate to use node connections