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Meta_01 and fingers, how do they work?

hi guys, I am having a tough time understanding how to correctly use the Meta_01 in conjunction with fingers (lite_chain_01).

As you can see in the following demo. The global meta controller ( meta_L0_ctl ) seems to be doing what it should be doing but when manipulating the meta_L0_meta0_ctl, the fingers are not rotating.

Here is my outliner and hierarchy. Is there something I am failling to do?



nope, no one can help me? :frowning:

Hi! I do have the same issue using latest mgear. The meta controls are relatively new addition and never tried using them before. It seems the hierarchy is not properly setup:

Argh, that’s the answer I was fearing… I guess this is the reason why there were no metacarpal controls on the biped template.

It might be possible for the animators to only use the global meta_L0_ctl but animators usually prefer to have a more granual control of the metas for appealing poses that work for a set camera view.


Oh… I just retested this morning and things have changed !!! :slight_smile:


So few days ago I upgraded from mGear 3.7.11 to the latest version aka 4.0.9 and those sub meta controls seem to have gone!

That was ultra confusing as I kept rebuilding my rig and they just wouldn’t appear at all anymore.

Ok I guess I need to relearn how to use the meta_01 again :frowning:


Individual meta ctls seem to be optional in mgear 4.

The problem seems to be the hierarchy as @Milio pointed out. The metacarpal control and the finger root are siblings, instead of parent / child.

Maybe that’s the intended behavior, I don’t know.

But I guess you could write a post script to quickly reparent finger_{}{}_root under meta_{}0_meta{}_ctl


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Ah, I see, and I see that I didn’t see the new options in mGear 4 :slight_smile:

Cool, well I think I got a setup I am quite happy with so far without using the “Meta Ctls” and I made a little tutorial.

Thanks Milo and Rafael!