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Metadata in the rig


How are you handling getting scene rigs as python Rig class to traverse after rigs are built, and thus rig components and metadata, etc? I’m not talking about the customStep dict, but something like it.

For example, our internal rigging system is glued together with network nodes that become classes once consumed by python. I did this many years before it was uploaded to GitHub when I was working at Eurocom (inspired by Seth Gibson and the Halo rigging Siggraph paper believe), and it’s become a popular way to do traverse rigs and also represent them in code. Red9 used the same code as inspiration for the metadata systems they use today. Mark and I sat next to each other for years and worked on the metadata system back then.

At the moment I’m looking for things like this sudo code. Where handle.py is a class that is something like the metadata rig.

rig = mgear.rig,handle.get_rig(namespace)
rig.name # metadata
comp = rig.get_components(shifter=“controler01”)