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Metahuman and mGear: issue with limb rotation X

Hi all! First of all, I’d like to thank everyone contributing to mGear framework.

I’m having a limb rotation issue using mGear and Metahuman. Just to put you in context, I’m connecting via constraint the mGear rig (the “_mg” joints) to a Metahuman skeleton (the “_drv” joints).

After connecting the mGear rig to the drv joints, when I rotate the thigh control in more than one direction, the thigh joint from Metahuman flips as shown in the image below:

After digging into it, I came up with the conclusion that this weird behavior happens because the limb joints from mGear don’t get the Rotation X from the limb controls.

So my question is how to get Rotation X from the limb controls to the joints, in order to transfer it to the drv joints (Metahuman) when connected. Because this rotation is necessary for the twist joints and automatisms of Metahuman to work properly.

Thanks in advance!

Hello @Martin93
Thanks for the feedback. I think this is related to other issue that was already fixed and will be available in the next release. EPIC_leg_01 leg_l_tweak flip
But I will double-check to be sure. :slight_smile:
btw: Have you tried the latest beta with the joint attach functionality?