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MetaHuman scalable rig

When building a rig using the metahuman template, (mGear 4.03) the face falls apart when I scale the rig using the world_ctl to scale it up.
Is anyone else experiencing this issue? If so is there a work around?

You said “the face”, but there is no face in the template. So I guess you’re talking about the built-in face components, like eyes and lips and brows?

For the Shifter face rigging components, there should likely be a more straight forward way to hook directly into the rig and support scaling and everything. I think I remember a thread or issue raised about that. It might be hard since it depends on the rig. But it would be very nice if they already supported common components that would make sense, like the neck/head.

Right now though, ultimately it’s a matter of doing whatever you would have to do to make a rig scale:

  • If something is double-transforming, make it follow a lower hierarchy space, or not follow (world). For example, I think the eye and lip curves must not follow. Turn on their visibility so you can see what they are doing.
  • If something is not following, you might have to constrain it, or connect it.
  • Some of the face, neck, or head joints might need to have segmentScaleCompensate turned off (or ON, depending on the problem.)
  • If something is having trouble with non-uniform scaling, you might have to scaleConstrain it to a different joint that is more stable.

Sorry, I should have been more specific.

I mean the metaHuman face. I’m not trying to append any mgear face elements, just using mgear to build a control puppet for a metaHuman using the mGear metaHuman template.
The rig builds with no errors but when you scale the character rig using the world_ctl the head doesn’t scale correctly.