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Metahuman Zup Template - Import Mocap Skel. Biped Scale Problem

I think I know the reason why is this happening but wanted to make sure,
importing Mocap Skeleton Biped to Z up - Meters scene (Metahuman Defaults),
imports guides for HIK but it’s actually in Y up - Centimeters,

if I rotate the template and make it 10X bigger, it looks approx. close to rig in T pose,
but then the Characterize Biped won’t work.

I tried making the scene Y up - Centimeters after importing and matching scale of Mocap Skel. template, doesn’t work either. I tried freezing template after the scale, didn’t work either.

Is there something I’m missing or is it the way it is?
Relatively new to mGear so I might be doing something wrong?
Thank you.

The current mocap template only works with the default biped.
We need to update the tool in the future. For the moment the best solution will be to do the mapping directly in humanIK


Thanks for feedback :metal:

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