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mGear 3.0 Beta 4



Here is a new mGear beta: https://github.com/mgear-dev/mgear_dist/releases/tag/3.0.0_beta4
(Only Maya 2018 Win64. But you can copy the old platform folder to use it with another version)

It is not yet documented but now is possible to serialize guides. I will try to do some quick video tutorial/overview ASAP

If you have time, please try the new features by importing and exporting guides


You will need to update the guide before export.

The old guides templates are already serialized in the following folder:

Also, there is a new tool to explore the serialized guides.

I will explain everything more in deep in the videos.

Ah! is also possible to build from the serialized guide:

Thanks for testing it and please report in this thread and issue or questions.

Have fun!

Tips for customizing mGear

so the plugin source is the same an can be compiled for older versions? (nothing 2018 api related?)



To be honest I didn’t test yet in other version, but I guess should be OK


Miquel how close are we to a stable version we could use in production?


We are aiming to release mGear 3.0 by the end of next week :wink:


That are great news!


Miquel is the latest version working with maya 2019?

Edit: i see its updated on github now. Thanks!