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mGear 3.4.0 IK Switch

Hey, I did a build from example quadruped rig and IK->FK switch doesn’t work. It works for Biped template though.

“mgear\core\ line 210: No object matches name: frontLegUI_L0_ctl.leg_L0_ctl //”

Adding to this question:

  1. How did you get that popup menu to show up? Holding right-click brings up the standard Maya menu for me.
  2. Building the standard quad template, I don’t see anything in the synoptic view for switching IK/FK or spaces (though I see everything in the biped template). Is it possible to do this kind of switching with the leg_3jnt_01 component? I’m currently on mGear 3.1.1 on a Mac.

(I am loving this system btw :slight_smile: )

  1. It’s new in 3.4

  2. Yes, it’s possible

Thanks for the response! You say it’s possible… does the quadruped template just not have it in the current version (meaning I have to add it myself), or should it already be there when I build? I’m just trying to figure out if its absence is a bug or not. Thanks!

Hey, I’m not sure about previous versions how it was with quadruped template, I didn’t have to use it before.

But this code is working fine for toggle between IK and FK on 3jnt leg, I checked it:

Hello guys

As an overall note I will say that the RightClick menu switching/snap capabilitties is probably not compatible with all things in mGear. With @Miquel we know that there are some inconsistencies between the right click menu, synoptic and other things but we will probably get to a point in time where this will dissolve the further we keep developing. Synoptic allows you to setup what are the matching controls on a switch whether the right click menu trying to generalize rules for this but not all components are ready for this or have been tested .

@Miquel is about to do an update that already bring some fixes to the right click menu and other exiting things :smiley:

Stay tuned.