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mGear 3.4.0 problem in maya 2019?

I’m very new to mGear, but I can already see this is an incredibly powerful rigging tool. I have big plans for it with my personal projects.
I’ve been following the data centric rigging youtube playlist, and building my biped rig in maya 2018 on my laptop. However, I only have maya 2019 on my workstation at home.
I got as far as finishing session 04: Guide placement 03 and I transferred the guide scene to maya 2019.
When I built it, it froze maya. When I build it in maya 2018, and transfer across, the rig works fine. But I can’t build it in maya 2019.
When I just create a simple ik chain, it builds fine in maya 2019, so I thought maybe there’s a problem with creating the guide in one maya version but trying to build it in another??

I concluded I’ll start again in maya 2019, as it will be good to repeat the exercises.
I got as far as creating the global control, local, COG, hips and spine. I created the first leg ik chain, and as suggested in the tutorial, to build it. It completely crashed maya to desktop.
Nothing I do can seem to fix this issue.
I was wondering does anybody have any suggestions at all for trouble shooting, or would there even be value in going back through versions of mGear to find one that plays nicer with maya 2019?


What OS?

Are you able to open an already-built rig in Maya 2019? Just to confirm that mGear is installed properly?

In 2019, when you first open Maya, or open the guide, or when you first build the COG, do you see any suspicious errors or warnings?

Can you please explain how you installed mGear. Which method did you use?

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.
I’m on windows 10. I installed it by putting the path in the maya test file as outlined here:

Yes, if I build the tutorial rig (as far as I got on maya 2018) and then just open it in maya 2019 it works fine. I just can’t build it without maya freezing.
I should add some extra info, when I first loaded up the quadruped template I was able to build it. Now it bombs out maya every time. I checked the build console, I can’t see any errors.

If I create a simple ik joint leg, it builds fine into a rig.

I can’t see any errors when loading maya, opening the guide or in the build log when I build a simple chain of elements (world, local, COG, hips, spine) this works fine. As soon as I add a 2 joint ik leg to the hips it bombs out. It is a downer really, I can see the massive potential of this software, I really don’t like advanced skeleton by comparison.

Another thing to try is to backup your Maya prefs and use fresh ones, to isolate if something in your prefs might be the issue.

And yeah - maybe even first - it could make sense to test another version of mGear. If it still happens, I’d begin to suspect something in your setup, or potentially even in your graphics card or RAM.

I personally install mGear by placing the mGear directory anywhere I want, and then pointing my Maya.env MAYA_MODULE_PATH = [path] to the installation. That way it is easy to install multiple versions of mGear and switch between them by commenting out lines in your Maya.env.

Thanks for the tip about having different mGear installations, Chris!

I have started experiencing something similar: when trying to build a component, Maya 2019 crashes. Out of the blue. I thought it was my guide; perhaps I deleted something accidentally. But it happens with the Biped template as well. As soon as it reaches the foot_R0 in the log, it crashes. I tried to build the left leg manually, just in case, and it crashes again. Starting with fresh preferences does not help in my case (at some point I thought it could be tied to my Maya being in Parallel mode, but it’s not).

What’s weird is that this happened to me when I first installed 3.4.0. It happened a couple of times, and then it stopped happening within the same day. Which makes it more likely to be a user setup thing.

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For some reason my maya.env file is being ignored. Or I’m not setting up the paths correctly. I’ll read a little more about it. However, I rolled back to 3.3.1 and the build went through with no issues at all, with the same preferences.

Not sure if this relates at all to the issue you are having, @Moomalade, but it’s worth trying a previous version.

Yes, I’m going to try rolling back to the previous version of mGear. I also remembered I had maya 2018 and 2019 installed together on a second workstation, and I’ve attempted to build the template quadruped on both.
2019: It crashes maya, closes down abruptly.
2018: It builds fine.

So I think I can discount hardware as the issue. It certainly points to something in mGear 3.4.0 not playing nicely with maya 2019. I will roll back to the previous version and see what results I get.


Hello @Moomalade, @iker.mozos

What version of Maya 2019 are you using? Update1 or Update2? Or no update at all?

It’s maya learning 2019 (and 2018). I’ve never installed any update, is there a way to check for this in case it came down with the basic install?

@Jerome I believe I am not using any update either.

Hello guys

Can I kindly ask you trying to have Maya 2019.1 or 2019.2 installed and try again. Maya 2019 (no updates) has several crashing issues when building certain attributes and using iks. Please try updating and let me know if this works out.



Unfortunately installing the update to maya 2019 resulted in the loss of my maya learning license. Seems autodesk have increased the restrictions on this software.
I purchased Indie Maya 2020.
The build crashing problem is no longer an issue.


@Moomalade Yes in learning version you can’t update Maya which sucks. I teach and have the same issue even if we are not using mGear where I teach some of those issues I think make the build crash make Maya crash when using it’s own stuff.

@iker.mozos Let me know how it goes for you.


@Jerome Just installed Updates 1 and 2 on Maya 2019, and it looks like the crash went away! Woohoo! Thanks a lot for your help!