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mGear 3.5.0 available (Update Hotfix 3.5.1)

Here is mGear 3.5.1

Big thanks to @Jerome @Rafael @ragnar @chrislesage and everybody who is contributing! :smiley:
Also, big thanks to the PyFlow developers Ilgar Lunin and Pedro Cabrera for the slider widgets

NOTE: MacOS solvers for Maya 2020 included! :slight_smile:

IMPORTANT NOTE: MacOS Catalina has heightened security restrictions on apps and plugins. Run this command in the Terminal, which removes the “quarantine” flag from when it gets downloaded:



New Features

  • Animbits: Channel Master [animbits#14]
  • Shifter: Auto Fit Guide (Beta preview). [shifter#82]


  • Anim Picker: Make select controls display more noticeable [anim_picker#16]

Bug Fix

  • Anim Picker: CentOS and windows Maya 2019/2020 TypeErrorr [anim_picker#15]
  • mGear_core: dagmenu error when parent switch with keys on and rig with namespace [mgear_core#53]
  • mGear_core: Fix loop crash when quering tag childrens [mgear_core#52]
  • mGear_core: Fixed path handling in exportSkinPack if it is called with arguments. [mgear_core#37]
  • mGear_core: getRootNode doesn’t find the root correctly [mgear_core#51]
  • mGear_core: Mirror function causes tag attributes to mirror their content [mgear_core#47]
  • mGear_core: Parent switch dag menu not working when root node is parented under a non referenced heararchy. [mgear_core#48]

Also, the documentation has been updated


Here is a gif example of the Relative Guide Placement in action in the new Auto Fit Guide Tool(Beta!)

And a more traditional example.


super nice!! thanks!

@Jason_Schleifer @mgear_dev

Here is the hotfix 3.5.1


Bug Fix

  • mGear_core: When copy skin, match the skinningMethod as well [mgear_core#55]
  • Rigbits: RBF Manager mirror bug with Flex Add_attribute [rigbits#54]

Thanks @chrislesage for the PR! :slight_smile:


Thanks! Nice tool Auto Fit Guide. Already using it. For initial task is very handy. Would be nice to have 2 more embed nodes, for wrist and neck base positions. Anyway thank you for sharing mGear.