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mGear 4.0.3 - Maya 2018 issue

Hi, just trying to figure out what could be the reason behind this.
Some people are having problems while loading some of my mGear rigs using Maya 2018.

I can not reproduce it at all, even in the Maya 2018 first version, with no installed updates, all working fine for me.

It seems to be losing the bones connection, but mGear is properly and full framework 4.0.3 installed.

Any idea why this could happen? Apparently, any other rigs are working fine, just these latest rigs I built using 4.03 are affected by this.

asked for some info in the script editor and is having loads of this:

// Warning: file: C:/Users/Katya/AppData/Local/Temp/Rar$DIa5680.39765/Witch_rig_v1.ma line 83813: Unrecognized node type ‘decomposeMatrix’; preserving node information during this session. //



Well if you are getting that error, then I assume the matrixNodes plug-in has failed to load for some reason. When this happens, can you check if that one is loaded or not?

As far as I know, it should automatically load the plugin when needed. Maybe for some reason your file is missing this line? In which case it might not trigger the plugin to load.
requires -nodeType "decomposeMatrix" "matrixNodes" "1.0";

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Thank you Chris! It seems all loaded and properly installed. It is such a strange issue. Only affecting latest rigs built with latest version of mGear.

image image

Oh no. matrixNodes. That is a Maya plugin.