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mGear 4.0.9 is available!

Here is the latest release with support for Maya 2023


Thanks for the continuous support, @Miquel! Love the fact that you can turn off the log, and dropping external plugins make a lot of sense.


Right in time. At our studio we were suggesting to update our mGear from version 3.6.0 to version 4. Then, my producer, out of caution, asked me: “but is that version stable”? I guess he worries about bumping into bugs and issues. So, I pass the question to you.
@Miquel , hugs from me and from David Llopis, who works currently at the same place as I, here in BCN.
Also hugs from me to @Jerome

Hey Noel! :smiley:

if you already working with mGear 3.6 there is nothing to worry about.
I will be more worried about updating the Maya version :wink:
But nothing is 100% free of bugs. If you find anything please let us know !

If I recall correctly, from 3.6 to 3.7.11 or higher, there are a few changes to some of the way attributes work for space switching. So test if older built rigs can still use those functions when a newer mGear is installed on animator machine. You may need to rebuild your rigs.

It also might just work. There are not a lot of changes to compatibility.

And your guides will need to be updated, which is a simple mGear menu command.

In either case, you should just do a test before throwing it into production. And catch any weird problems.

For example, I was storing some helper objects under my guide. When I went to update my guide, it deletes all foreign objects from under the guide group. So I had to change where I store those things. Not a big deal. But test test test!

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Well, we are indeed working with the previous version, @Miquel, and I’m not particularly worried, but you know: production.
Anyway, we are starting a new project @chrislesage , so I don’t expect to need a lot of backward compatibility. I guess that’s wishful thinking. I hope everything works.
Well, thanks for the info, both of you. I’ll pass it on to my producer and see if I convince him to do the update. Thanks for the good work and you more than remarkable rigging system.

@Miquel is the mGear_solver.mll no longer being supported? I thought shifter components required it? Sorry if I’m misunderstanding.

Hi, guys, I was about to download version 4 (the latest) but then I saw the big warning. I’m running maya 2020. Will that pose a problem with Pymel? Shall I just try and find out?

mGear_solvers will be always supported :wink: I was talking only about the 3rd party solvers

Ah okay! Sorry about that. Awesome Ty!

Are you referring to the warming to install pymel ?
There is not problem with pymel, that is just a reminder to install it. Now is an optional install in Maya :wink:

Yes, I saw. At least with Maya 2020, it wasn’t a problem. It just installed, with no problem.
It is true that mGear 4 does not build version 3.6 guides. I don’t know why. I am now redoing all the guides in the new version and I guess that should do the trick.

@noel-scopely Have you updated the guide?

If after updating still has an error, please share the error log in a new thread :wink:

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Ok… Too late. I already did it manually…