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Mgear 4.0 Python Documentation

I’m trying to script some of our mgear rigging/mocap pipeline and I’m a little confused by the documentation. In Maya it it says I’m using Mgear 4.0 but the documentation it opens is Welcome to mGear: Rigging Framework for Autodesk Maya — mGear: Rigging Framework 3.5.0 documentation and says 3.5.

If I search in the documentation field for mocap or bake it returns no results.
However I’m able to use these commands:

from mgear.shifter import mocap_tools


I’m particularly interested in a way to bake the skeleton after it’s been characaterized.

However I’m not able to find any reference for them on the documentation.

Is there another way of finding documentation?

Are you opening the docs from the Maya menu? I guess that link should be updated.

Here are the docs for mGear 4: Search — mGear: Rigging Framework 4.0.3 documentation

But it looks like there isn’t anything yet for the mocap_tools. :frowning: