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Mgear 4.2.1 wont import guides from 4.0.9

i have some saved guides that were done using Mgear 4.0.9 and it seems i can import them with 4.1.2, as i keep getting an error
= GEAR RIG SYSTEM ======component base directory not found for chain_FK

Error: RuntimeError: file C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2023\Python\lib\site-packages\pymel\internal\pmcmds.py line 217: Maya command error


Did you update the guide saved in the mgear version you wanted to use? The button is located in the Shifter menu.

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I recently tried using an old 3.6.0 guide in 4.something.

There are some versions where “update” doesn’t work because the version jump was too big, and I just got errors. And I ended up having to update in 2 or 3 steps.

I forget exactly which versions. But I opened the latest 3. version. Updated and saved. Opened with 4.0.1. Updated and saved. Opened 4.1. Updated and was ready to work.

I’m typing this on a phone from memory. The versions might have been different. And some of the steps might have been unnecessary.

I don’t know if your error is related to what I experienced.

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can you have several Mgear version installed parallel?

Yep! It’s a Maya module. So “installing” just means it is on disk, and you are pointing Maya to it. If you store it in Maya prefs, it automatically finds it. But you don’t have to store it there.

I never use the drag and drop installer. I’m actively supporting at least 3 different versions for various game projects, including 3.6.0. This is what I do:

  • Store every version of mGear in a production folder where the team can access it from.
  • Edit the Maya.env (or launch your environment) to point at the version you want.
  • MAYA_MODULE_PATH = /YOUR/SERVER/PATH/mgear/tools/mgear_4.0.9/release
  • Change the version to the one you want to use, and restart Maya.

This way you can:

  • switch between versions
  • share your mGear modifications easily with your team from the server path
  • duplicate versions to test modifications in a test environment before deploying
  • support multiple versions depending on team/client/project.
  • etc. etc.


Fantastic Chris!

Very helpful as always

Happy new year!