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mGear Discord Group

Hello everyone! I noticed there isn’t a discord server for mGear development. I am a rigging artist and have been using mGear for the past year now. What I need, as a rigger, is the ability to create custom shifter components to suit my needs. However I am unable to find proper documentation on how mGear’s classes work under the hood, what calls are being made and functions inherited. I figured it would be pretty easy to have a place to post information so we can better document making an mGear component from scratch.

If you would like to join I posted an invite link here.

Hey hey!
That’s a great idea to be honest. Forums have been there for over 2 decades now and I feel like real-time chat like Discord is better in terms of seeking & sharing experience(s). It might not fit older generations (no offense), but it will certainly help new developers/riggers who just began learning. Also Discord channels are usually community driven so it’s fairly easy to organize one.

Would be nice to hear opinions from the Dev team about this!

Hello @dew and @Sam_Noskov
Thanks for the initiative about Discord. This has been talked about in this forum in the past

I think every communication system has its advantages and disadvantages.

Personally, I prefer a forum like this, because works better as an archive of knowledge and you can search easily if your question or problem has been discussed in the past.

Discord and other chat platforms are nice for casual chit-chat, sharing news, or if you looking for an immediate response, but the information gets quickly lost in time and is hard to find after some time.

Please check the previous thread about the topic for more arguments against the chat format

I know more documentation and tutorial are needed about that topic. But as always time is the main limitation.
Here is some information that maybe is useful to start (and a proof of the forum archive value :wink: )

But please feel free to use discord if you think it is useful for you :slight_smile:



Thanks for reaching back out Miquel. I’m very new to mGear and it is a wonderful environment to use. I’d love to be able to do something as far as implementing some of my prototypes in there but I know this is starting to look like a daunting task.

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A Discord group sounds like a great way for some of us who are learning to get quick feedback! :slight_smile:

btw: one great discord for rigging in general fRigging Awesome Studios

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Hey ty Miquel. I just joined.

Unable to join the discord.


Thanks but i’m unable to join channel via this discord link.

It’s a perm link, I’m not sure why it’s not working.