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Mgear for game engines


Hello Miquel,

I’m trying to understand a few things about mgear:

  1. There are some controls in the legs and arms on the biped default rig that seem to do nothing, specifically the round controls called “leg_L0_mid_ctl” and “arm_L0_mid_ctl”? When I’m rotating them or moving them nothing happens.
    I checked the settings and there is no way to remove that controller in the middle.

  2. Is there a way to have no roll joints in the arms and legs? The divisions in the settings won’t go lower than 1. I checked out all of your arm components and they don’t seem to allow for no roll joints. Same for the legs, is there no arms/legs component that have no roll joints?

  3. You scripted something up with rotation orders for your controls to have the rotation orders in the attribute editor. Is there a way to have them all naturally set to xyz (the standard): game engines do not support custom rotation orders on joints. At least not in Unity.

  4. In your single hierarchy joints there are not just joints but some transform groups are also created, things like “foot_L0_jnt_org”. That’s not super optimized for game engines because it’s like adding more joints. Are those necessary?

  5. It would be great if the neck also allowed for less divisions than 3. What kind of alternative can I use to have less joints for the neck?

Answers to these questions would be very much appreciated! :slight_smile:



Hi @Jeremy

This control should move the position of the knee and elbow. The rotation affects the roll and only affects the other axis if you have set some roundness value

That will be available in mGear 3.0 it is already done, but the setting UI is not finished, need to be edit from the attribute editor of the component root. You can check the beta in github

The joints are always in default rotation order. Only controls have edited this, but the controls are not exported to game engine, correct?

This must be an error on your configuration because should not be like that. :wink:

I will check that for the moment you can use simple control_01 to define the neck and head :wink:

I hope this helps :slight_smile: